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Saving from iPad to Dropbox

Accessing files stored in Dropbox from your iPad? Simple if you have saved a file from your computer.  Just click your Dropbox app, select the file you want to open and select the app you want to open it with.  FYI:  You can find out about Dropbox at:  https://www.dropbox.com/features.

Unfortunately, saving from iPad to Dropbox requires several steps.  There are too many steps for a handout, so I am posting these steps to our web page.  Here goes!

1.  Open the document you want to save to Dropbox.  (The sample below is a Pages document).  
     Click the wrench on the top right hand corner of the screen.

2.  Click Share and Print.

3.  Click Open in Another App.

4.  Choose the format.  Only 3 choices are available, but pdf and Word are compatible with most computers and operating systems.  Wait a few seconds while the document is being created.

5.  This Open an Another App dialog box will appear.  Click Choose App.


7.  Click SAVE in Save to Dropbox (Top right corner of Save to Dropbox dialog box).

8.   Check to make sure your document appears in the Dropbox document list.

9.  Select your document from your dropbox.  This document is a little funky because of all of the text boxes and will require some reformatting when you open in another device. Most documents won't require reformatting.

The process is long, but not difficult and will make it easier for you to share documents between devices.  Now you can access iPad documents with your computer, your iPod, Smart Phone, or any device that has Dropbox installed on it.

Created by Sue Stanton, PESA Technologist